So, what does #InspectedByTimber mean?

When you walk into a ski lodge in the Rockies or cabin in the Smokies, you can see immediately the quality and strength of that building by the large exposed timber framing soaring above you keeping the roof up and the elements out. You know that it is quality because you can see it.

When you walk into a home that has been #InspectedByTimber you know that it is quality because it’s gone through our rigorous inspection process. From the grounds around the property, to appliances, mechanical systems like plumbing and HVAC to the roof overhead and the crawl space under your feet. We look at every area of your home for condition, quality and safety.

In return you receive a detailed, color photo rich report diagnosing every aspect of your home. We also take the time to explain any questions or concerns our clients may have and help review any home systems that you may not be familiar with.

When you choose Timber Home Inspection, you choose a partner in the real estate process to help you see the property through the eyes of a professional. At Timber Home Inspection we don’t view the Inspection as “a hurdle to overcome in the real estate purchase process,” but, rather, as a partnership to make sure that what you’re buying is safe, secure and strong for you and your family.

If you would like your current or next home to be #InspectedByTimber please schedule an inspection today.

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