Major Systems Only (MSO) Inspection

About to sell your home and want to avoid unpleasant surprises during contract negotiation? Buying a home and are less concerned about “minor issues” of the home you’re about to purchase but want to know the status of the “major ones”? A non-occupant owner of an investment property, or just a concerned home owner?

A Major Systems Only Inspection is an excellent way to clear your conscious of the potential sticky and pricey issues that can occur during a real estate transaction or just plain home ownership. At Timber Home Inspection LLC our Major Systems Inspection includes a roof inspection, an attic inspection (looking for evidence of water intrusion), an unfinished basement or crawl space inspection (looking for evidence of active leaks and water intrusion) and a standard HVAC inspection. Includes limited Major Systems Only inspection, full report of systems inspected with HD pictures, and consultation.

Inspections beginning at $249

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